Radio Club (SE Numbers)

Radio Club | Safety Eden (SE) Registration form.

Eden uses a web-based method of gaining a Radio Club membership number (SE Number).

The image above (and link below) will take you to the web-interface that is used to register your vessel with Eden Marine Rescue. The information you supply is the information that we need to help provide you with assistance should you need it. Once you register you will be sent an email to the address you have nominated and that email will contain you new SE number and your unique password so you can update your details in the future.

SE Numbers (Eden) are provided free of charge.

Use the link below to obtain a new Radio Club (SE) number or update your existing information.

Apply for an SE Number or Update your existing SE Number

Marine Rescue Mobile APP

You can always use the MRNSW App on Apple/Android to log on and to log off.

The app has the same information as if you logged on via radio, but has the added benefit of tracking your location while you are logged on. This feature is very helpful in emergency situations. It takes the “Search” out of Search & Rescue! Make sure Locations Services is turned ON to get maxiumum benefit.

Marine Rescue App.

Want to make a difference in your community?

Consider becoming a Marine Rescue Member.

You’ll be part of a growing, vibrant organisation providing vital safety services to the boating community.

Our members come from all walks of life and there’s a job for almost everyone at their local unit, whether it’s crewing an offshore search and rescue vessel, maintaining radio communications at the base or providing fundraising, administrative or other support. Click on the image below to find out more.

Want to do more? Join Eden Marine Rescue as a Member.

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